Enhancing Client Interaction through 3D Digital Twin Modeling with redSling 

Discover how redSling's new 3D modeling capability, supporting URDF files with STL meshes, transformed an Applied Research company's project presentations and digital twin modeling, enhancing client interactions and driving innovation. 

Challenges and Goals 

The Applied Research company faced significant challenges in visualizing and simulating complex projects. Traditional methods lacked the interactive and immersive quality needed for effective client presentations. Their goals were to: 

  • Enhance project presentations with rich 3D simulations. 
  • Create accurate digital twins for realistic virtual inspections. 
  • Seamlessly integrate 3D models of various components into their applications. 


redSling introduced a powerful new feature allowing users to upload, view, and interact with 3D files in URDF and STL formats. This enabled the company to: 

  • develop an application using redSling to deliver rich, 3D simulations for project presentations and to create digital twin models of various objects.  
  • incorporate 3D models of robots, grippers, sensors, and other components, the company was able to seamlessly add these elements to their projects within the application built on redSling. 

Result and ROI

The implementation of redSling's 3D modeling capabilities at this applied research company led to: 

  • Immersive Presentations: Enhanced client understanding and decision-making through rich 3D simulations. 
  • Enhanced Digital Twin Modeling: Realistic virtual testing closely mimicking real-world behavior. 
  • Streamlined Project Showcases: Simplified inspection and component swapping in project presentations. 
  • Propelling Innovation: Facilitated innovation in scientific and engineering fields by providing detailed and interactive 3D modeling tools. 


The addition of 3D modeling capabilities to redSling has been a game-changer for the Applied Research company. By integrating detailed URDF and STL files for 3d Modeling via redSling, they achieved more immersive and accurate project presentations, driving client satisfaction and project success.  

This success story highlights redSling's commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital design and simulation, empowering users across various fields to bring their ideas to life in the most interactive way possible. 

About the enterprise


Applied Research

Company Size

Nearly 32,000 employees across 76 research units

What do they do

Conducts applied research to benefit private and public enterprises, driving innovation through advanced technological solutions. 

It is known for prioritizing research in key future technologies and transferring findings to industry to strengthen the industrial sector and benefit society.